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Our Recycling Process
We start by disassembling all electronics and separating the many parts, if it is a computer and the person, or company that we got it from wanted the hard drive destroyed then we destroy them. Once all the parts are separated they are tested to see if they are salvageable for re use, if they are not, then they are sent to be broken down. (In this process there is no chemicals used what so ever) Circut boards are sent through a grinder and then seperated by plastic, non ferous, and ferous metal by a refiner. If any components are salvageable then they are used to create a working computer or fixed to be donated to schools or resold by us.

Things that we do not and will not do

  1. Ship electronics over seas
  2. Break down computer components using nasty chemicals to get the gold and silver plating from them
  3. Dump Toxic Phosphors, and heavily leaded glass in landfills
  4. Pose as a computer recycling company and do the exact opposite by using nasty chemicals
  5. Pose as a non profit business and try to get donations and free labor from the community
Click Here to learn more about this nasty process
Cincinnati Computer Recycling, Cincinnati Computer Recycling,
Cincinnati Computer Recycling,
We accept all forms of computers, and electronics for recycling. We also offer a free hard drive shredding service for people that are worried about stored information on the old hard drives.
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